泰孚国际教育-TEFL/TESOL  International Education Provides Training and Certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  

Our Company based in Beijing and Guangzhou. The founders of our company have a combined 20+ years of Teaching and Management experience, and are uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions to education problems.The company was founded in 2003 Over these years, the company has earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust and reliability.
Taifu International Education is a foreign-invested enterprise, mainly involved in the field of education.  We are committed to improving English teaching and internationalization of Chinese English teachers, better accept the world's advanced English teaching methods and concepts, and realize the dream of improving their careers.
Professional teachers
We work to construct teachers' ethics and improve thier teaching quality, to innovate the construction of teachers management system.
Seasoned teachers
Our teachers are well-trained and own rich experiences on education field.
New experience
Live Demo Class allow students to experience the American teaching classroom and way of thinking and the goal of training talents.
Enterprise  Advantage


TEFL International Education is a foreign-invested enterprise. The team of our company is composed of overseas experts and well-known university teachers. 80% of the team members have overseas working experience.
Make study plan, analysis TESOL&TEFL course settings.
Aiming to improve English teaching method and achieve internationalization.
Well-selected and trained teachers from global.
Why Choose Us ?
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Three reasons why  TAIFU is an intl education brand

Foreign enterprises, pure international level

TAIFU Intl Education takes the development of international English education as the first idea, and we are the veritable pioneer in the industry.

Comprehensive services, covering the field of education

Taifu Education mainly serves people who want to find a stable job abroad, Kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, College graduates who intend to work as foreign teachers and so on.

people-oriented, the original intention of education If we simply look at the former, then education will become lifeless, it will lose its life and soul; In other words, it is the latter who can determine how and how far education goes.

Service Introducation

As the headquarters agencies and chief representatives of TEFL&TESOL in China, TAIFU Intl Education takes the full charge of TEFL&TESOL certification related businesses.

The certificate is “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”andCertificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language

“TEFL” is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers.
TESOL stands for "Teaching English to speakers of other languages.". People who earn TESOL certification either teach English as a second language or as a foreign language.
Committed to Chinese English teachers to improve English teaching and internationalization
Better accept the world's advanced English teaching methods and realize the dream of improving your career.

A TEFL/TESOL certificate can help you:
*Extend your knowledge of English language teaching to settings other than adult English language teaching
*TEFL/TESOL Certificate can be 'Your International English Teaching Green Card'
* Expand your career and apply for higher-level positions

A TEFL/TESOL certificate can help you: Deepen your knowledge of the principles of English teaching Take a hard look at your current beliefs and practices as a teacher Apply the new knowledge to your current teaching activities


Each member of the leadership team brings years of experience in education and technology to the company. They help us work towards a brighter future, leading the core team to success.
Our Teachers

Each member of the leadership team brings years of experience in education and technology to the company. They help us work towards a brighter future, leading the core team to success.
Borris Fagon
I am an educator with 25 years of experience in teaching English, ESL/EFL, TESL/TEFL, Linguistics and Social Studies.
Jane Schike
I am your instructor for the TESOL courses, "TESOL in China". Even before graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Education.
Julian Charles
I have taught every age from 4 to 65, every level from absolute beginner to near fluent, and in many places, including a ski resort, a beach, a ship, a bank, and hundreds of classrooms.

First, when the company was founded, we won the trust of a large number of people, so

that we have more firm confidence to continue to do it. At that time, the training and

examination of TEFL and TESOL certificates (International English Teacher Qualification   Certificate) were more cutting-edge, so many students were more worried about the

qualification of this certificate, and finally got better development in their respective


Second, after foreign financing, the scope of services has been comprehensively

improved, and the coverage area has been highly expanded. Taifu Education mainly

serves kindergarten and primary and secondary school teachers who are interested in

improving their teaching skills; College graduates who are interested in working as

foreign teachers and have a certain English foundation are the scope of service objects

of Taifu Education. With TEFL and TESOL certificates, all the above problems are solved,

which is the confidence and strength of the company now.

Three, the development of the enterprise so far, the three companies are foreign

enterprises, so many years of operation, teaching strength is beyond doubt, all

international team, first-class service team. Customized learning programs, set up four

TESOL courses, three TESOL certificates, for different age objects to take different

programs, for your growth and progress escort.

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About Taifu Education:
We are a foreign-funded enterprise serving as the headquarter institution and chief representative of TEFL&TESOL in China, fully responsible for the relevant business operations of TEFL&TESOL certificates in mainland China. We are committed to helping Chinese English teachers improve their English teaching and international integration, better accept the advanced English teaching methods and concepts from the world, and realize their dreams of enhancing their careers.
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